Minnie Faigre Knox: Clair de lune

O never ye sleep in the moonlight,

My pious old Granny would say,

For sleepers, bewitched by the moonlight,

With madness thereafter are fay.


But why should I sleep when the moon shines,

And waste all her beauty away?

There´s more to be done when the moon shines

Than slumber in houses and pray.


My body I´ll bathe in the moon-rays,

My mantle of dew shall be spun.

Encrowned in a nimbus of moon-rays,

I´ll dance till the night flee the sun.


And if I should yield to the moonbeams,

Laid low by weird malison´s harm,

Let me sleep ´neath the turf in the moonbeams,

Enthralled by the night´s silver charm.


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