Vetalas, from N.M. Penzer (ed.), `Ocean of Story´, 1923

„… Then he reached the river Gandhavati, and dispelled his fatigue by bathing in it; and after crossing it, he arrived with his companions in that cemetery of Mahakala. There he beheld the image of mighty Bhairava, black with the smoke from neighbouring pyres, surrounded with many fragments of bones and skulls, terrible with the skeletons of men which it held in its grasp, worshipped by heroes, frequented by many troops of demons, dear to sporting witches…“

„… and at last arrived at the burning-ground of Mahakala in Ujjayini, which was densely tenanted by vampires that smelt of carrion, and hovered hither and thither, black as night, rivalling the smoke-wreaths of the funeral pyres.“

„…Then his minister Vikramakesarin called to mind that Vetala which he had long ago won over, intending to employ him to fetch the prince´s love from her dwelling-house. And the Vetala came, black in hue, tall, with a neck like a camel, elephant-faced, with legs like a bull, eyes like an owl, and the ears of an ass. But finding that he could not enter the city, he departed; the favour of Siva secures that city against being invaded by such creatures.“


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